Properties listed here can be purchased by the general public!  To purchase a property, email or call for an appointment with the Property Management staff.  

 Numerous lots available for residential construction with some priced 60-70% BELOW McLennan County appraised values!
Over 100 lots available and most are priced BELOW $2,000!

How to Purchase

The purchaser needs to complete an 'Offer to Purchase Form' and submit full payment to become a qualified buyer.

Please contact Kendra Anderson-Zadnik for specific property pricing and availability.

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Property Management is in the process up updating our prices for the new fiscal year.  As you are aware, these properties belong to a Trust consisting of the City of Waco, McLennan County and the school district.  The terms of this agreement states we will charge NO LESS than 40% of the McLennan County Appraisal District (MCAD) value or the court cost, whichever is higher.  As MCAD has finalized their values, we are working to update our prices.  We Appreciate your patience and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.

List of Available Properties

RFB No:     2017-068 Sale of Various Properties Bid Packet and Instructions

Sealed bids addressed to the City Council of the City of Waco for the purchase of various properties, will be accepted in the City of Waco Purchasing Office, located in the City of Waco Operations Center, 1415 N. 4th St., Waco, Texas 76707 until 2:00 PM, December 6, 2017. 

The properties are as follows:

321 N. 11th St - Lot 16, Block 1, Nelson Beall Subdivision
528 N. 11th St - Lot 8, Block 1, N.H. Conger Addition

1226 N. 18th St - Lots 8 & 9, Block 84, T.J. Primm Addition
3125 Bosque Blvd -  Lot 9, Block 18, Highland Place Addition
1112 Kelleum St - Lot 6, Block 9, J. Weisman Addition
1701 Marshall - Lot 17, Block 4 Baker Heights Addition

503 Preston - Lot B2, Block 13, Faulkner Addition
907 Burgan St - Lot 4, Block 12, Paul Quinn Addition                                                                                      

905 Burgan St - Lot 3, Block 12, Paul Quinn Addition 

The City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids.  The City may waive any defect, irregularity or informality in any bid or bidding procedure.  The City of Waco will provide a Deed Without Warranty and the property will be conveyed “as is”.  The City will not provide Title Insurance or a current survey of the property.  The City of Waco makes no guarantee as to the availability of utilities. 

Bid forms, Instructions for Bidders, and a list of properties may be obtained from the City of Waco, Purchasing Services at the City of Waco Operations Center, 1415 N. 4th St., Waco, Texas 76707 or on the City of Waco website (www.waco-texas.com).  Inquiries concerning properties may be directed to Kendra Anderson-Zadnik, Property Manager, City of Waco at (254) 750-5651, kendraa@wacotx.gov.  Inquiries concerning bidding may be directed to Bryan Gray, Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Services, City of Waco at (254) 750-6640, bryang@wacotx.gov

RFB 2017-068 Sale of Various Properties

RFB 2017-068 List of Properties